The objective of the job is to implement the cash flows of certain products in an existing program
developed in C based on a detailed analysis document (written in English). The equations are not
complicated but it is necessary to feel comfortable with mathematical notations.
In order to attain this objective it will be necessary to:
– Be rigorous in the implementation. The equations need to be implemented exactly as given in
the analysis.
– The program will generate a lot of numbers (cash flows) that will need to be tested to make sure
that the equations have been well implemented.
– Work independently to implement the model.
– Collaborate with the Risk Management Life Insurance team. The team needs to feel
comfortable with the implementation at the end of the development. It is necessary to keep the
team and management informed on the progress made throughout the project.
– Code needs to be readable. The Risk Management Life Insurance team is not made up of
computer science majors. Therefore, the code should remain simple and should keep the style
of the rest of the program.
– Any design changes to the program should be discussed beforehand with the modelling team.
– Respect the deadlines.

Languages: English, Dutch, French
Location: Brussels center.
Start date: 01 / 11 / 2018
Duration: 2 months
(Depending on project evolution, extension is possible)

Business experience required
– Experience in programming preferably in C 2-3
– Experience in mathematically oriented developments.

If you are interested in this role please send your CV in English to
All applications will be treated as strictly confidential